Official communique

Official communique
Eloi Palau incident

Eloi Palau (2016 junior 20" UCI Trials World Champion) and Sergi Llongueras (2018 elite 26" UCI Trials World silver medal) suffered an incident in the upper part of the glacier a few minutes away from the Presena 3000 cable car towards the Lagoscuro pass (Trentino, Italy).

The two riders took part at the second UCI Trials World Cup round held in Vermiglio, Val di Sole-Trentino from 23th to 25th Auguts. They dedicated the day off of Monday 26th to hike on the sorrounding mountains of the territory.

Both were descending the route towards Mandrone and the Rendena valley. Once the descent was completed they entered a cavity. There inside the cave they found some remnants of first world war, in particular ammunition tracers. At that point the explosion occurred and one of them suffered injures on his right fingers, eyes and several burns to his body, while the other was hit by some shrapnel. The bang was also felt by several witnesses who were in the area and so the alarm was triggered around 3pm on Monday 26th August.

Fortunately, both are not be in danger of death, even they have suffered several burns.

Eloi was operated yesterday night at Santa Maria del Carmine Hospital (Rovereto-Trentino) on his eyes, where were some small shrapnel taces and on his middle finger apart of his several burns, he is remaining on the intensive care unit. The prognosis is good. Sergi suffered less injures and he is already recovering sucesfull.

The Trialsport team would like express our grateful to Sergi Llongueras, Pol Tarrés and Marc Terol, the rescue team and the team of doctors are attending him. 

Our thoughts are on Eloi and his family, we hope a quick recovery to Eloi and Sergi!


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